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    Sustainability is at the core of our work and is a cause that is closest to our hearts, giving a true sense of purpose in both our professional and personal lives. We recognise that sustainable landscapes generally require less maintenance and less energy to upkeep once designed and installed correctly – and we’re here to help every step of the way.


    Sustainable landscaping involves taking different microclimates within your garden into consideration. Where are the hot spots? Dry spots? Wet spots? Windy areas? Sandy soils? Where does the water flow to? How can we save more water? Once this part of the process is done, we can start laying the foundations to a greener garden.   


    Soil health is a critical component to sustainability and adding organic matter and compost that will feed the natural environment of plants is vital to ensuring the growth of such spaces. Native plants are commonly used as they are generally more resistant to the weather and other environmental factors; they also tend to be more disease-resistant and tolerant of pests and seasonal changes. We have built great business partnerships with leading Melbourne nurseries that provide us with the healthiest native plants cultivated to endure Melbourne’s ever-changing environment – so you can be sure of the high quality of your sustainable garden.


    At its core, sustainable landscaping can take on a variety of forms – wild and natural, flowing and native, or neat, clean and tidy for timeless aesthetic appeal. There are myriad ways to create a unique and sustainable garden setting for your home and at 2 Men and a Shovel, we pledge to take our eco-conscious work ethic to new heights.