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  • 2 Men and a Shovel | Gardening and Landscaping Services

    An Outstanding Team That Will Make Your Garden Thrive

    Basic Gardening

    Best suited for those who need just a bit of help with basic gardening tasks, we can take care of your lawn mowing and edging, weeding and tidying, as well as clearing the pathways to and around your home...

    Garden Maintenance

    Our Gold Standard service is for those who require us to take care of all of your gardens needs. Otherwise known as our “All Star Service” this includes a full garden care program where we love and nourish your garden by using our expertise to meet each plant’s specific care requirements...

    Hedge Trimming

    The art to having beautiful, lush, and dense hedges comes down to several factors - the positioning and correct environment for the specific type of plant, proper care for plants and of course, regular hedge trimming and appropriate techniques to ensure sustained growth...

    Gutter Cleaning

    As an integral part of your home’s well-being, gutters need to be cleaned seasonally and is one of our specialties here at 2 Men and a Shovel...

    Landscape Construction

    2 Men and a Shovel’s strong landscaping background means a team that is capable of taking care of all your landscaping needs. Our “one stop shop” services include...

    Landscape Design

    When designing a garden, there are many different factors to take into consideration. At 2 Men and a Shovel, it’s no secret that we thrive on the creative process involved when coming up with a garden look, feel and style that you truly love...