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    Our Gold Standard service is for those who require us to take care of all of your gardens needs. Otherwise known as our “All Star Service” this includes a full garden care program where we love and nourish your garden by using our expertise to meet each plant’s specific care requirements. We cover pruning timings and techniques, regular and plant-specific fertiliser if needed, annual mulching, as well as quick and easy soil tests to determine what compost, manure or mulch type is needed. We also offer services such as maintaining outdoor furniture and decking – so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

    We are trained gardeners with the expertise to help you find the best way to take care of, and improve on, the beauty and health of your garden. Additional Gold Standard services include working with you to provide suggestions for supplementary plantings and/or potential renovations to your garden area. When undertaking additional plantings, careful consideration is taken to ensure the longevity of your garden as well as a thorough understanding of adequate space and light for long-term plant growth. Our Gold Standard service aims to enhance your home with beautiful, natural surroundings, bringing you a sense of peace and joy within green spaces.